How to record audio from external midi-controlled synth ?


Before I start coming up with a complex workflow of my own, I would like to know if there is a simple Renoise function to do this :

I have an external synth recieving MIDI from Renoise. For that I created a sample-less instrument with MIDI out and line in, so that I can hear that synth playing through the instrument’s track. (Right?)

Now I would like to record the audio from that synth. Then I would like to play the continuous recorded audio instead, on the same track, or a track sharing the same effect chain, and mute the outgoing MIDI notes, but keep them in case I want to modify them and record again later (the equivalent of freezing a VSTi in a regular DAW).

All this in order to make my synth available to play a completely different part.

I know how to do this “manually”, of course: create an adjacent track within a same group, etc. Create another instrument containing the recording as a sample, etc, etc.

But I wonder, is there a more automatic function intended for doing just this ?

Do I really need to create another instrument ? And another track ?

Thanks in advance


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