How To Record Sample Editor Output?

hi, how would i go about recording, say, playback of notes while in the sample editor i alter sync-amount and loop lengths?

Record live tweaking of Renoise from within Renoise? I don’t think you can. Open a wave editor (eg Sound Forge) and record in there, either What You Hear if your soundcard supports it or plug an output into an input.

Although be careful with Renoise stealing ASIO facilities.

Linux and routing Jack or OSX with Soundflower may be an idea. Sure Windows has some “virtual audio cables” too but I’ve never used them…

All depends of your soundcard , I can resample the output ( internally ) with my edirol ua25 …;I do it often …even inside renoise

was hoping for a non-jack/nonsoundflower/nonwhatuhear/non-physical-cable-from-soundcard-out-to-soundcard-in -solution. i.e. a native-renoise solution :)
(or possibility to automate sync + loop lengths) (or possibility to alter them in pattern editor via pattern effect commands :) )

Who said I was using( physical ) jacks , I said mysoundcard has the ability to resample its output , it’s all happening digitally , no 3d party drivers whatsover .
Just get a soundcard that can do this

good for you

Not native but sure I’ve heard of Windows people using this in Master.

yep. osxtho?

Why the attitude :)

i was wondering about yours, too.

Ahh sorry. Most people seem to say they’re happy with SoundFlower on OSX and external editor… This topic has come up a few times in the past and I’m sure there must of been an OSX plugin too but can’t think of it or find with just a very quick search. Sure you would of tried searching this forum, Google(or similar) and KRV though.

well, i hope that eventually renoise will offer the possibility of sampling itself without any physical cabling + digital soundcard coolness + virtual audio cables…