How To Record Track As A Sample ?


I’d like to record track as a sample but couldn’t figure out how to do it ?

Secondly, tried to record microphone input as a sample while ago but samples came out way too weak, why’s that ? Waveform’s came like millimeter high and that’s not correctly done, so where’s the trick with it ?

Thank you

When rendering your song, you can choose to save each individual track to its own .wav file:

Alternatively, if you only need to capture smaller sections of the track, you can use Render Selection to Sample:

Turn up the recording level of your microphone?

Just look at your soundcard’s mixer in your operating system, and adjust the recording levels there.

"Turn up the recording level of your microphone?

Just look at your soundcard’s mixer in your operating system, and adjust the recording levels there."

I have tried that but it didn’t work

I was looking for a direct way to record a track as an sample instead of rendering and loading etc. ok that alternative option might do it, thank you

Are you able to record at the correct level in any other software? It would be good to know if this problem only affects Renoise, or if it affects your whole system.

Another alternative is mxb’s excellent Freeze Track tool:

It can at least handle some of the boring work for you by providing some easy functions to use.

Well I rendered whole track but I lost so much in volume that it’s not good to work forward anymore. (always when rendering I lose volume )

I will check the Freeze Track tool… Alright, Freeze Track did not install properly, just drop it to renoise window didn’t work at all and after I got it installed other way (open with program… Renoise) It was installed succesfully but at the ‘tools’ it didn’t appear, Freeze Track went only to ‘tools’—> ‘tool browser’ and I can read the information, disable it or uninstall but there’s no way I can use it. Or then I just don’t know how to use Freeze Track since I got only experience with Duplex tool and it works from ‘tools’. Renoise 2.7.2 btw same with Freeze Track and Renoise 2.8

I believe you will render with the Track Headroom taken into account, which defaults at installation to 6dB, so any rendered section will be at -6dB. Either just boost it afterwards or remember to compensate beforehand. You can also change Track Headroom under the Song Settings area.

Why do you think that Freeze Tracks will have an entry under Tools? It will only have something there if the programmer wrote something to go there. Two seconds of reading the page you were linked to clearly tells you to look elsewhere.

Maybe because it is a Tool ?

Sometimes it does not make sense to put the menu entries for the tool within the tools menu. This tool is a good example of that.

It is much more logical (imho) for it to appear in the right click menu for a track in the pattern editor along with all the other track operations.

Anyway, hope you got it working.

I do think all Tools should have at least a Help page/mini manual under the Tools menu though ;)