How To Record "What Sample Editor Plays" To A Sample?

Hi. I’ve often liked to play something and while playing a melody, adjust the sample loop length. It’s just really nice. How would I go about recording this to a new sample?

The most simple is to use voxengo recorder (vst) on the track you’re at, then loading the wav.

Well, a setting (but with sample recorder monitoring OFF, of course) like this worked:
In Device: Soundflower (2ch)
Out Device Soundfower (2ch)…

Now if only those could be called on-will and then returned back to prev. in device out device settings

put this vst on the master channel:

But ahm on osx!

you’re doomed! :drummer:

The soundflower(2ch) to soundflower(2ch) is pretty okay as a solution, but would be nice to do it directly in Renoise :)

Not what you want, but:

…do it oldschool style, record to tape! :) Seriously though, I’ve recently been playing my material through different speakers in different room sizes and field recording them through a microphone (zoom h2), than mixfade the fieldrecordings with the original material to shift in contexts over time. You can get pretty nice results with it!