How to reset LFO devices inside a Doofer?

It’s a flaw, one of those things I would like to use a Doofer for is intricate modulation of sound, but with a minimal space occupance in Track DSPs section and Mixer view. Can’t seem to reach LFO reset.

What I tried:
bind one macro button of Doofer to LFO Reset. Create point automation doesn’t work, neither does pattern command.

It works, but don’t forget you need to apply an immidiate change between two values (trigger by alternating) and you can just apply this on the same row using two effect columns-> xy01 xy00 or which ever lfo position offset you desire (xy7f xy80 to trigger from 50%)

Ah ok so the doofer macro is acting like a hydra, kinda

Well the generic response is when change is happening, whereas no change in value occurs, there is no reason to change the dial or slider either.
But the suggestion to make the LFO reset button respond by pulse rather than by change has been made (you could add your +1 and 2cts to that thread if you like)
The macro dial should in that case change into a button, else you remain with the current efficiency routines that scan commands for value that are not processed if it is not different than the current value for that macro dial.
Hence the double pattern effect command trick sort of simulates the “pulse”

The thing is, one wants to be able to use the Reset param as a CC, like with a knob or slider, and as a button that just resets to 0.
I would really expect the different automation modes, point vs line/curve to make this exact difference.
For the topic I’d simply suggest an extra option for auto-resetting at a new note, but letting LFO have a mini builtin key/veltracker may not be very consistent with the renoise *fx kind of ‘modular’ nature…

If you want the LFO to reset at every note, then you can have a keytracker connected to the LFO reset, set it to full note range and drag the min/max sliders all the way down or to the reset point you want. I can’t see why we should need a keytracker inside an LFO?

The slider can be made with the macros. I don’t see the point in having a button for the reset when you’d probably control the button with a pattern command anyway?

for one, because you will always need to frickin move 2 sliders from the exact same spot to the exact same spot
also reduced clutter in TrackDSPs area

for one, because rediculously, you will always need to insert two frickin pattern commands
that also means you always need two fx columns on such a track, again mad clutter

I’ve tried something with the formula device but that one is consequently altering the parameter.
And i haven’t toyed too much with it to figure out a way to make it apply a working one-shot.
I know you can make it work by turning on and off a formula device, but that still requires two commands.

It is about the Formula device controlling the reset of an LFO.
Whatever value the formula devices fires at it, it will be at a constant rate so the LFO is constantly being reset to that value :)
Using a one-shot LFO to control that, will only bring brief pleasure, then the party begins again :P