How To Return To "stereo Selection" Instead?

So… undo is doing its job just fine, and you should keep it enabled when you are making these kinds of critical edits to your sounds.


i guess i would, if it wasn’t too slow for large files. it’s much better in 2.8. but still slow. i guess i’ll switch to just creating copies of selections to new instruments, and then delete the original sample from the original instrument box number.

We can obviously try to improve this in the future, but I simply wanted to establish that things were actually working normally (albeit slowly) when undo was enabled.

No hard feelings :)

yeah, everything’s normal

you can always drag down or up the start or end of your selection to make it stereo.

edit: I noticed you can also use left shift+up/down to change channel selection.

This is how other samplers seem to do it when browsing the folder where the sample is residing for processing:
They simply create a seperate swapfile with points and traces. Specially on selected areas, this works pretty swift as only the selected area involved will then be transfered to the end of the swap area before processing. Undoing that also works as swift.
Ofcourse, changing the whole sample most likely can not be really improved here…