How to sample Rewire Input?

I guess this may be a matter of not being able to sample the output of any channel in general, but it doesn’t seem possible to sample the audio of a rewire input device when using renoise as a rewire master. Is this a planned feature or is this already possible in some way I’m not seeing?

I’d like to use this to record phrases from Max/MSP. I suppose it probably wouldn’t be tremendously useful for most users… Logic and Ableton Live can do this and I could just use one of those as master and use Renoise slaved in parallel with Max/MSP (this is what I’ll probably do for now), but that complicates things. :)

Aside from that, I’m really ecstatic about Rewire support! Renoise is my favorite sampler, but I use Live often and just recently started using Logic. I was trying to find a good sampler to go with them; now that problem is sorted out. :D

If your soundcard supports internal feedback to your inputs, then you can also record from other hosts (ReWire or not)

In any other case currently:
You can render to wav if that is coming as close as desired…

Technically it is not impossible…
There is this thing where other audio applications could be used as a free sampler to enable rendering output from other hosts while this is not the target of any software producer. Hence ReWire licenses are freely granted to software producers that produce commercial audio applications only (applications that somehow limit or cripple audio rendering or recording options in their demo or free editions).
I have no idea if this kind of idea is against license regulations since i don’t know the exact contents of it, but i can guess that if there is a reason to exclude this functionality, it would be that reason.

You can simply render that ReWire-In device, either by rendering selections in the patterneditor, or via any other method in Renoises render dialog. No need to record it.

Oh right!!! I totally forgot this was possible. That solves my problem, thank you! :)