How To Save External Editor's Tracks With Song Tracks


I’m using Hyper Canvas with Renoise 2.5
When I open a song I saved earlier, all tracks play as piano. I guess that’s because the external editors’ channels default back to piano instrument.
How can I make each track remember the instrument I selected for each track?
I see options for: load,save, setup routing… which one should I use?
plus the ext. editor itself has performance load/save options… I’m confused!
I hope someone shows me how to do this in an easy way.

edit: I remember now… the way I used to do it is to open the external editor > system > options > options > performance file: save/load. I had to save then load each time I open the same song. Is there any easier way now?

Many thanks.

Usually the plugin should share these preferences with the host and then the host (like Renoise) can store these preferences and next time start the plugin with those preferences when you load the song.
But If it doesn’t work with that plugin, then i guess the plugin doesn’t support bank sharing (because that is frankly what is likely required for this)