How To Save Then Note Attributes?

Hello! I have one question.
For a lot of time I am use Impulse Tracker.
And day ago I found a Renoise. It is great!

But how to save attributes when editing notes in pattern?
I put one note - C-4 01 03F0
Next step I put next note, but previos attributes (01 03F0) losts - and it looks like B-5 00.
But I want B-5 01 03F0.
It is not good to enter each time the same values of note.

How in Renoise turn on this function?
P.S. Excuse me for my bad english.

I guess the easiest way would be to simply clone the line and insert it before you add the notes… I’m assuming you’re after the slide-to command 05xx.

Or you could enter 05xx at the start and 05xx at the end and interpolate between those values… maybe. Not sure about that. :P

first of all, are you aware that the command numbers are not the same in Renoise and Impulse Tracker?

please note that the command 03xx sets the volume for the track you are putting the command on, so its value, even if not repeated for each row, should be saved until a new 03xx command will be found.

I was not an Impulse Tracker user myself, but if teknocide meant that 03xx in Impulse Tracker was glide-to-note command, like it was in FastTracker, than you can achieve the continuous glide effect with something like this:

C-4 01 0510  
B-4 01 0500  

which is exactly like it was in Impulse Tracker, I think.

take a look here for a complete list of the available commands, or put in a command in Renoise and look at the left bottom corner of the application window: a quick help about the command will appear.

How is it possible that (oldschool)trackers still find out about Renoise only recently? :slight_smile: Is it their fault for not searching hard enough / not being up-to-date?

No no no. My question is not about how to use the command.
It is about editing notes in pattern with attributes (volume, pan, command).
Example. Need to write this simple text:
1 c-5 01 30
2 …
3 c-5 01 10
4 …
5 c-5 01 30
6 …
7 b-5 01 20
8 …
9 d-5 01 10

Each time I need to write note and separatly write the volume number (30,10,30,20,10).
But I want put c-5 01 30 once at line #1 and then at line #5 press the key “C” on my keyboard to
recieve result “c-5 01 30” at one time (without separatly entering volume number).
Now if I write “c-5 01 30” and when at the next line of pattern I press key “C” then result only “c-5 01” (without previously defined volume).

jonas the plugexpert
:) I am living so far… in smal town of Ukraine :)
And for a lot of time wait for IT 3 and don’t look at other products seriously.
Music is my hobby in free time. IT 2 don’t work in Win XP very well. And I forget my hobby for a lot of time.
But the Renoise is very powerful and much more useful than other. I decide again to be engaged with tracking.

Oh, yes!!!
It is that I need!
Great thanks!!!

Yeah… Is the described function not realized in Renoise like as in Impulse tracker?
This time I use a “content mask”. But it works only with copy\paste fuctions…
That’s not useful but I don’t know another method.
I think the Edit mask function will make the tracking more faster and comfortable.
Less keydowns for More productivity = Edit mask fuction.
It is will be very useful…

Ruslan, now I get what you mean, but this cannot be done in Renoise, I’m sorry: you always have to specify note properties manually of by pasting it from clipboard.