How to search ALL my threads/posts in this forum?

(fladd) #1

I cannot seem to do this.

  • if I search all my posts or threads via the functionality on my profile, the results only show a fraction (last year or so) of content

  • if I instead use the advanced search, with me as author and a range of dates (from 2011 to now; since I cannot go further back than 2011 there either), it will always only show up to 5 pages, even if this will not include the whole date range

Any help would be appreciated.

(Zer0 Fly) #2

use google, “ fladd”, in the results you can define a time window you wish results from

(fladd) #3

Thanks for the tip (it unfortunately does not allow me to look for threads I started particularly, though). I actually meant the forum search here.

(Neurogami) #4

Search for “Started by fladd” (in quotes!)

(fladd) #5

That unfortunately does not work.

(joule) #6

A note to webmaster:

You can search for topics or posts made under “advanced search” (the gear next to the search box) by typing your user name and select either “Search title and content” or one of the other options.

It seems the result is only limited to 5 (?) pages. You can actually show older posts by changing sort order to “ascending”. If you didn’t limit the pagination, I think the OP would be happy. If this is a drupal view (?), I know it’s easy to fix.

(Achenar) #7

I’d love for this to be fixed, there’s a few years in between the Descending and Ascending searches that I can’t access because of the 5 page limit.

(fladd) #8

This still does not work.