How To Send A Midi-continue To Hardware?


i’ve noticed that the current position is send to my hardware (Korg ES1) when I’m browsing in the position-editor, but when I hit the play-button in renoize the song on my ES1 starts from the beginning instead of the choosen position.

its pretty hard to write a song, when I’ve always start from the beginning.

note: i think it’s not a problem of my hardware, cause it works fine in other audio editings tools. =)

any ideas?

i’m using renoise 1.281 but I have seen the same problem in 1.5 public beta.

if i try play from cursor no midi-start is send to the hardware.

maybe there is a sw-tool to trace the midi-messages, which are send to the hardware?

in the manual chapter “MIDIClock Master Settings” you can see that only midi-start/stop is mentioned.
so i have the suspicion that maybe midi-continue is not send by renoise…