How To Set Bpm Back To "Random-On-Start"?

Is there a way to retain bpm-random-at-start even when using a Song template, please? :)


But you could easily write your own tool to do this :)

If you want to mirror Renoise’s behaviour exactly, then you should randomly pick from one of the following BPM values:
80, 100, 115, 123, 128, 132, 135, 138, 160

Don’t ask me why this limited set of particular “random” values were chosen, it’s just always been this way :)

i feel a feature request coming up… :)

(just kidding, i couldn’t care less about the random BPM values)

Hah, that’s cute :) (the list). I was thinking of trying to make a private tool, this should be an interesting random exercise

dBlue, thanks to your post - found my way around to combining that with the table of renoise-style-random-bpms you provided and then using Syflom’s Write BPM ( modified to WriteBPM and LPB to the Master Track first row) to write this to the Master effect. Works perfectly :)

Next step would be to muck my way around setting the LPB at random too and seeing where that takes one.

Thanks heaps, everyone!

wow I never even noticed the random bpm lol:blink:

whaha now you mentioned it it does change every time you open renoise :P

Yes. I guess if I knew how to run a script function at start of Renoise I’d have random BPM starter now :)

Tools are always loaded, but you can’t do everything right from the start (e.g. when Renoise just has been started)
Simply use the New song observable. renoise.tool().app_new_document_observable.
As soon as a new song is created or loaded, your function is called. (you can then also adjust the BPM)

Look at the code for Pulse Killer then?

Scripts are automatically run when Renoise starts. Most scripts set a trigger point, like “invoke = do_something” but nothing is stopping you from running procedures immediately by putting them in the global space.

For BPM, you need to wait for a document to exist before setting it.

Example: this code sets the BPM to 80 on every new song:

renoise.tool().app_new_document_observable:add_notifier(function() = 80  

Hope this helps someone?

I see that one can add a notifier and delete a notifier… So when the app new document observable is notified, a funciton is run - but should a notifier then be removed after it has run?
Thanks for the tips Conner_Bw & vV, they are much appreciated.
Just a bit vague on what notifiers even are :)

Well, I guess it’s safe, so the modification now auto-sets new BPM, writes BPM/LPB to Master track and shows a status (Renoise RandomBPM set) :)