How To Set Line-synched Delay Values

you may already know this…

…but I didn’t :D

you can emulate the pressure of the “set” buttons in the delay built-in DSP
by using x5yy and x6yy (where x represents the ordinal position of the delay into the DSP chain).

For example, putting a 1605 on a tracker the delay is in the first place of the DSP chain, will be the same as if you would set the line value at 5 lines for left delay channel.

I didn’t know about it, but it’s great and I’ll surely use it :).

I had some problems while composing some of my songs. It was because I wanted to create tempo changes, but it caused sucking up of the delay… So it’s a great thing for me.

Unfortunate or not, this will not allow a delay greater than 16 steps (above x50f / x60f).

you could temporarily double the speed to achieve longer delays


this is how my patterns appear normally :)