how to set up dblu glitch 1.3 and renoise 3?

Hi I’m new here but I wanted ambitiously start adding this cool sounding stutters and so on to the tracks of the song… to add some variety.

I know of some plugins, but I dont mind doing the FX myself.

My question is if it’s more versatile to learn the hexidecimal’s (which I haven’t yet :frowning: ) and play with the renoise fx or maybe I should go to try to put dblue glitch.

It’s 2 questions btw. If anyone could give me a hint how to make this stutter, distortion natively in renoise and can someone tell me (help me) to use dblue glitch on a drum track for example.

When I try to do it myself I walk into a mist… l o l




What exactly are you trying to do? Can you give some better examples? Maybe some audio clips or youtube links to specific sounds?

Sounds like a lot you want to do, but maybe start with one thing at the time?

I suggest you load the “Repeater” effect in one of your tracks and play with it for a bit, rightclick the buttons to add the repeat effect to a line in your track. Rightclick the button “Off” to make the effect stop at the lines where you want to reset and stop repeating. At least it’s a start.