How To Show "number Of Frames" In Sample Editor?

hi, how do i show number of frames in the sample editor so in addition to samplerate and bitrate, one also sees number of frames of sample

Right-click (or equivalent key/button combo for Mac) one of the rulers above/below the waveform display and set it to “Samples” mode.

yes. however this does not show the full length of the sample. i’m running into an interesting “352 byte” issue and was hoping to use the sample editor window (instead of rprint ( ) to get the number of frames amount out :)

If will if you select all of the sample data. But yes, perhaps this is a bit quirky when all you want to quickly find out is the length. Could be useful to also show the number of frames along with the other sample properties.

i have selected all sampledata now and the ruler has not updated to showing the current sample length at the right corner of the screen (that’s where i expect it would show, right?)

It would be extremely useful and very very nice to have it like that indeed :)
(your quote times a million +1 etc)

You set the lower of the two rulers to Samples?

i have now set both up ruler and lower ruler to samples. now when i selected all i noticed that the full selection amount is shown (0-528760) right next to Rec.
Sorry dBlue for not noticing that!

Also any reason why we only have a display for the bottom ruler and not the top one? Surely there is plenty of space for both (at least on anything but a netbook.)

a… display?

Only one is displayed. Where do you display except in a display? Maybe a shop window…

The information for position of cursor or selection is only displayed for the bottom cursor. Would it really be so bad to have the information for both the top and the bottom ruler displayed?