How To Sort Out Mixed-Up Tracks?

Okay, I have four tracks:

Choir, Bass, Hat, and Buzz. Choir, Bass, and Buzz are each routed to a separate Reason instrument via ReWire.

Here’s my problem:

When I render the song to disk, the Reason-based tracks are mixed up together. It’s the oddest thing, the three tracks produce TWO tracks in the render: Bass, and Buss (no Choir track). The odd thing is, you can hear ALL THREE of the Reason-tied tracks on BOTH the Bass and the Buzz tracks.

The Hat track renders out properly, and produces no problems.

I’ve looked over my settings again and again. What’s more, when I change a key entry/value in the Pattern Editor, it behaves as it should—each of the tracks fires off its Midi to each appropriate Reason device. It’s as if everything is working, until the very last moment when all the incoming Reason instruments get mixed up. If it’s any help, according to the Mixing screen the Choir track never produces any sound (though, AGAIN, edits to its Midi track ON the track DO WORK).

I’m sure there’s some obscure setting or something I’m missing, if someone could point me in the right direction. I tried to search the forums here, but couldn’t find anything…

Sorry, I guess I needed to check my Reason manual. You have to open the hardware interface at the top of Reason, and route each of the instruments to separate channels individually. THEN, tracks in ReNoise can pull separate audio for each instrument.

Hope my mistake helps someone out in the future…

Yes, always check this by solo-ing and/or watching the level meters on the #rewire-in devices.