How To Start Next Pattern With One Keystroke?

There’s probably a really easy solution for this… I’m planning on using Renoise live, and in my songs, it will be necessary for certain patterns to stop after playing, without automatically moving on to the next pattern. This is so I can improvise for an indefinite amount of time. After that little break is done, I’d like to be able to start immediate playback of the next pattern with one convenient keystroke (or even better, one button on an external MIDI controller). I’ve checked the key shortcuts and pattern effect commands, and nothing seems to work. Thanks for any help

stop after play: put F000 on the last row; this will set speed to 0 and then stop the play.

play next after stop: unfortunately there is no one-key for this, as you have to go down in the sequencer with one stroke (LCTRL+downarrow, but you can reassign this shortcut) then play with the other (RCTRL).

MIDI signals cannot be assigned to play/stop controls, but this is on our to-do list

I had a feeling that was the best way to do it. Thanks for the info

verry nice …
played any instruments live ?