How To Stop Notes From Playing While They Are Typed In

Hi, I would like to use Renoise in a live situation, but have come across a problem.
I would like to be able to enter/record notes without them playing as I key them in.
I only want the notes to play when the player passes over them (not when I type them in).
Is this possible?


if you don’t need the notes to be played immediately after they have been put on the pattern, you could mute the track you are editing until all the notes have been entered.

alternatively, you could type everything you need in a muted track/column, then cut the content of the track/column and paste it into an active track/column.

if you instead need to play the note immediately after being entered, but not while being entered, then this cannot be done with the current release.

Hi It-Alien,
thankyou for your reply.

This is what I was hoping for.
Oh well, I’ll just work with what Renoise can do (a lot), and hope for this feature in the future.

a workaround for this (that’s how i do it) would be to copy/paste an existing note (that triggers the respective instrument) to the desired position and transponse it up/down whilst marked by a block.
you can do that using the ALT+F1 / ALT+F2 hotkey.

Hi keith303.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ll definitely try it.