How to trigger a sample with an LFO?

Anyway to trigger a sample by lfo ? The effect i’m after is a way to assign an lfo to trigger a sample and then automate frequency on lfo to make the trigger fast and slow .

Sorry to make too many posts
But didnt find answer anywhere .

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If you mean trigger startinpoint I dont think this possible. Did you chekk sampleoffest pattern comand? Sxx - Trigger sample slice number xx or offset xx.

I know about the S command but what i need to do is to play with frequency of an lfo assigned to some sort of triggering a sample. The only thing I know of is to use Lfo control tool But just wonder if there are other ways to accomplish that .

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OK then I dont know. Also didnt know you can trigger a sample with lfo gota try that out.

Renoise can use midi plugins (e.g; ), these plugins can trigger sample (& vst) instruments.

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