How To Turn Off Grid Pie?

Hi, I’ve got a really basic question about Grid Pie: How do I turn it off?

And many thanks to Conner_Bw for creating Grid Pie. That one little tool cuts down one of Ableton’s few advantages over Renoise.

What does Grid Pie do?

come on man:
(…are you saying you don’t read CDM? :slight_smile:

yeah i don’t, i tend to read SoS when i’m actually at a bookstore.

What do you mean? You just press X to close the grid. This will turn off grid pie.

If you mean revert the Pattern Matrix to the original state. It doesn’t do that. It will leave all the Xs on your song.

For now you can:

  • Manually remove the X’s from the Pattern Matrix yourself with the mouse.
  • “Save as -> New Song Name” before starting Grid Pie. Then reload the old song when you are done.


Scratch that.

I just uploaded a new version to the Tools page that tries to remember the original state of the Pattern Matrix, and will unmute the slots when you close Grid Pie.

Does this help?

Yes it does–thanks!