How To Turn Vynil Or Cassette To Digital

I got these sweet tapes from a salvation army and I want to sample them
What is the best way to convert them to digital format?
I would mic them but they are already beat up and i think there will be too much loss to make any use of them.
[dont get me wrong I like the way old stuff sounds but I want it to sound as awesome as it does from my boombox]
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thx for ur help

Surely you must have access to a Hi-Fi system which has some audio outs which you can connect to your PC soundcard?

If not… you could try one of these products:

5.25" drive bay tape deck:

USB tape deck:

USB turntable:

I have no idea how good these are since I’ve never tried them myself, I just remember seeing them online.

thanks for the tip,
i’m going to locate the closest person who owns one of those! :)

Make sure you record these in 32bit float. Contrary to what some engineers suggest 44.1khz sampling is fine, but if you want to go higher try 88.2khz then convert down. Converting from 48k to 44.1k is plain ugly.