How to upload songs?

Hello people!

I’ve made my first complete Renoise song, and would like to upload it.

…Now, do I have to upload it to a different site first? Because it says “input your songs URL”…

I’m alil confused here, and still fresh in the Renoise-community, so please help me out here :unsure:

Thanks in Advance


the ReNoise songs page is not offering hosting for your songs:
you already have to have your songs online before submitting them to the songs page.

Once you have put your song somewhere in the cyberspace, you have to write the song URL in the proper field.

NOTE: there are 2 “song URL” fields:
one is to be used if you want to release the RNS version of the song, the other if you want to release an MP3/OGG version.
You can obviously use both fields.

Thanks IT-alien.

Guess I’ll put the songs up on my mp3 page first then :D