How To Use (and Understand) Compression

I was on the cycling74 website, reading up on stuff and i stumbled across an excellent guide to understand compression and what exactly each control does.…erDocumentation

its the pdf labeled octimax compression tutorial.
its only 25 pages and its a pretty clear and easy read

Wow, that looks like a very informative and good introduction.
Thanks for sharing, mate! :D

Ah, Octimax (later renamed Octiv Volume) is/was a multiband-compressor for different players (Winamp f.ex.), which helps to set different tracks into the same percieved volume and mix. Really great when you’re listening to a mix of music where the different tracks varies a lot in production/mix (like todays loudness-mastering). Renoise-wise, it has also helped me finding the weaknesses in how i mix my tracks, as I can hear how it behaves with Octimax. I don’t think Octiv exist anymore, don’t know if anyone else sells the product.