How To Use Multi Out Vsti'S/Au'S ?

Hey Yall,

how do I use mulitiple outputs on the same multi channel VSTi?

For example, I want to open Kontakt. On Ch1 (output 1-2), I have an instrument in Kontakt, say… a drumkit

on ch2 (output 3-4), I have a percussion instrument, and on ch 3 (output 5-6), I’ve got a piano.

Now, how would I route them so that they would end up on separate mixer channels, and so that I can send different patterns to each channel in Kontakt?

A “Setup Routing” button automagically appears in the “VST Instrument Properties” panel when the instrument has several outputs :)

See also for more info (Plugin Routing )

Thanks, Taktik. That answered all subsequent questions