How To Use Vst Instruments In Pattern? (n00b Question)


I recently started using Renoise 2 (I installed it about 10 days ago), and I love it! It’s twice as advanced as any other tracker, and the GUI looks so cool.

I’ve figured out how to find my former VST-plugin directory and all, and I have know problem using VST effects.

But when it comes to VST instruments I can’t figure out to lay down the tones in the pattern. I can only place tones from the sample-box in the top-right corner, but how do I place tones from a VST instrument? Where do I click? :)

Just to clarify: I know perfectly well how to load up an VST instrument - the problem is only I don’t know to put the the tones into the pattern, because the VSTi, naturally, doesn’t appear in the sample/instrument box (top-right corner).

I should think this is relatively simple, so can anybody instruct me :slight_smile: I’d apreciate it a lot. Thanks!

It SHOULD display in instrument box.

  1. Select empty instrument slot from instrument list on top right corner.

  2. Go to “instrument settings” from bottom bar (left button row)

  1. Select instrument from “VST Instrument settings”

  1. It should appear on the instrument list in the place you selected.

  2. Play it like you play regular instruments

Suva: Genious! It works. Thanks a lot!