How To...

How do i clear the effect column of a track on the cursor position? In some other trackers wich i will not call by name :unsure: this was done by ctrl-del.

I´ve been recording some cutoff data from my external synth. Cool to see the Renoise envelopes modified by turning a knob. But when i re-recorded some parts the existing envelope was only erased by tweaking the knob. When not tweaking, the previous recorded envelope was not overwritten by the new knob setting. Is there some sort of overwrite/mode for this? :blink:

the overlapping envelope “problem” occurs because renoise does not record CC values on a row base, but on an event base, meaning that it does not record a value for each row, while it saves a value each time a new value is put.

this is something you may want to occur when you are refining an existing envelope, so it is not really a problem, rather it is a feature, as always :)

if you want to completely redraw an envelope, why don’t you just press the “clear” button which is under the envelope editor tab?

Hey, thanx! Been a while since I’ve been here, so I discovered the clear button indeed. :D It’s cool!