How Works Renoise 16bit Samples With 24bit Sndcard

Renoise can only play 16 and 32 Bit Samples (in my enviroment only 16 bit), but my “Soundcard” (Tascam DM 24 with Firewire option) works only in 24 Bit Mode.
Everything works fine in this combintion, but i´m interessted in, how could it works.
What does Renoise with 16 bit Samples, if it send to a 24 bit soundcard ?
It is better to change the DM 24 to 16 bit noise shaped mode?

What is the technical background ?



24 bit samples are actually special kind of 32 bit samples (24 bits of integer, plus 8 bit of mantissa), so that’s why you won’t have any problem

and 16bit samples, that what i play in renoise, are the half of 32bit ?
If i play a 24 bit file in a 16 bit audio-enviroment, i must convert the files with noise shaping, before i can play him.
How could it works vice versa in renoise ?
My question is gernally, if i play 16 bit samples at a 24 bit soundcard (fixed in 24bit), what does renoise with the other 8 bit ?

Thanks for your quick answer.