How2 Copy Sample Offset Position

a dummy-kind question…

In the sample editor: How can i press some key+mouse combo to transfer sample offset position to selected note in pattern editor ? Or i can’t ? Is the only way is remember it and write back to pattern editor, and there is no workaround to quick-it-up ?

Nice idea. It’s currently not possible in renoise though. To assign different parts of a drumloop to dividual keys you’ll have to chop up the sample into pieces. But the way i do handle this is to just use the 9xx-effect. I am pretty used to it, cause of using FT2 for years.

A nice thing in renoise sample editor is that it displays your selected range as offset-values. So you just klick at the start of a snare, for example and read the value right next to the play-button. If it reads 26, you put 926 into the fx-column. There you go. Once you have set up your basic beat or whatever you can start copying and pasting around, so it’s not that much extra-work after all :P

If you really really want slices, buy the bitheadz’ pHatmatik VSTi-Plugin :)