Howto "vary Pitch But Keep Time" Of Sample?

Hi, I’d really like to play something with varying pitches, yet keep the actual time the sample takes to play and die the same, independent of whether i play it an octave higher or an octave lower. What should I do and how should I do it?

Uhh, Suva’s Tool?

Maybe… I’ll check it out. I was hoping to be able to kind of do it in one batch

if you have spare money left, get melodyne.

Another cheap way would be duplicating frames of the sample in LUA and then store the sample back and then play it on a higher note using the same basenote.
However sophisticated time-stretching would require various algorithms to apply to the sample, but you can do a lot with the content of each frame that you can get the data from in LUA.

Here’s a small list of free vst’s that could do what you’re looking for:
MadShifta (TobyBear)
PitchShifter (Braindoc)
ShifterBank (Braindoc)
grANALiser (Morfiki)
KTGranulator (Koen Tanghe)
MFrequencyShifter (Melda)

All very granular sounding, except for the MFrequencyShifter that one sounds more ringmodulator’ish… If you’re looking for the perfect pitchshift, then I think you should go for Melodyne…

If you’re on Mac you can use “AUPitch”.