Ht/64bit Support

just like to know if there is support for HyperThreading on the P4? and 64bit systems are hitting our desktops real soon especially with P4EE and AMD64. has anyone tried? any problems?

with this, at least i can plan my next upgrade :D

i think about to buy a p4 with HT support … coz of the better performance in general. (i think it’s a real performance difference between a P4 2.4GHZ and a P4 3GHZ with HT-support - isn’t it!? … and my board supports HT)

64bit cpu’s are a real performance jump - undoubtedly - but only if all applications and the os supporting 64bit.

i think we must wait 1-2 years that’s 64bit is standart. in the moment it’s not worth the effort to produce 64bit software coz 32bit cpu’s & os’s ruling the world.

yeah, HT is quite an interesting concept… like having 2 processors on your chip. now that would be true multitasking - even better than pre-emptive!

but about 64bit cpu - technically they don’t speed up anything, just have bigger bus width for more precision in floating point. maybe if you consider wider transfers per clock cycle, there is a performance gain.

there is a 64bit version of XP, and that’s all i need for renoise… hehe. more variety would be nice, though.

technically they speed up - i think … 64bit are not only an enhancement for floating point operations … " the labels “64-bit,” 32-bit," etc. designate the number of bits that each of the processor’s general-purpose registers (GPRs) can hold" - that’s all ;)

but read more about 32/64bit :

Just remember that when you switch to a HyperThreading processor, you will probably need to consider your memory configuration as well.

My board supports HT as well - currently stacked with a 2,5 GHz regular P4 - but my memory config is DDR-333.

These modules would have to get replaced with DDR-400 ones when switching to HT, because of the different Front Side Bus (800 Mhz). At least that’s what my mobo manufacturer (Asus) tells me.

And here in The Netherlands you can’t find the older 533 FSB models of the HT-chip anymore.

Since I have 1024 MB of memory to replace, for me personally the investment doesn’t weigh up against the slight performance gain.

i know … thats why i bought ddram400 some times ago B)

ahh… you guys are cool dudes.

and rich, too… :D

i know … thats why i bought ddram400 some times ago B)

Ah, when I built my PC the DDR400 modules were encredibly expensive. But good thinking my man. :D

good joke!!! :lol: