Huge Projects Problems

im working on hudge projects, lots samples ant vst

  1. is it posible to disable undo for samples becouse after 1h job its allwais says out of memory.

  2. sometimes i inserting send track, and name of this new send track gets the same like nearest send track, for example 02,02,01. And it often gets then bidule or energy xt is in project.

  3. last questio, lets take one vst effect, on almoust empty project activating this plugins do minor cpu usage increase f.ex 5%, but in “heavy loaded” poject the same vst plugin efects dramatikly f.ex 20%, how it could be explained?

  1. there is a checkbox on the lower-left corner of the sample editor to enable/disable undo

Undo/redos are saved/loaded directly from disk, so this will not be the problem. More likely that you using too many large samples. Renoise still does not support direct from disk streaming, so every sample you load is located in memory. Could this be the problem? If not, some VST might be the problem because for example they “leak” memory (are buggy)…

The only reason I can think of: Renoise wont run/play VST as soon as they produce no sound and are not automated. So you can have for example a track with dozens of VSTs which never get activated unless you trigger / play something in this track.

  1. i was talking about mastering track there vsts are active,becouse sound is.
  2. undues is stored in disk? so as i imagine even cuting sample , renoise need second memory array to copy left of cuted sample?

Sample processing actions (cutting, copying etc.) are stored onto disk.
What Taktik meanted by Direct From Disk streaming is that all your samples in your instruments are all loaded into memory.
So the samples in the instruments are not stored on disk and played from disk when Renoise is playing becausae this is what a Direct From Disk feature does, it directly plays sample data stored on your harddrive without loading it into memory.

If you cut or copy sample data, yes this is stored somewhere because you don’t need unused sample-data in memory unless you want to paste or mixpaste it somewhere in another sample in one of your instruments.

would you tell us the name of that vst?
is it a heavy commercial limiter/maximizer/compresser/somedynamicstuff/etc. ?
i guess its sth. like that (hence its on the master-track) and it could require some ‘look-ahead time’, so it comes down to the overall detecting of more transients in a shorter time.

dont know, just an idea.

renoise 1.9.1. right?!