Humanity/Fear The Lion

Hi all!

You are wandering the savanna, heat, sun burn. You just walk on as you suddenly see… HIM.

The Lion.

Yellow round eyes fixated on you, he slowly lowers his body - at this very moment you know,

what’s about to happen. Guess, who speaks the last word…

Experimental Track + Bass warning.

Track is short - enjoy listening!



Edit : Fixed typo

I really dig the groove of this piece! I’d like to hear more music with such drum/percussion/groove stuff, way beyond to what’s in and hip at the moment. Please elaborate this piece to some full shit, it’s more a raw short concept now, not some full tune.

But I don’t dig your stereo works in this piece. I don’t know what exactly you’ve done, but it seems like channels are inverted to each other, making my head feel like it’s split in two halves each listening to something diffent when indulging with headphones. It’s making me feel uncomfortable in a way that won’t help the theme of the song. Don’t do that again, please, it sucks.

More instrument works. Right now it’s just the roary synth and the groove. Hm, thinking about vocoding the synth with some lion roar sample at certain places, maybe even hit one octave or a quint higher together with slower filter attack?

Love songs with a story, and this one certainly has bite! :slight_smile:

To my mind, sound matches the description. Beat and bass complement each other. Though the track is short, I’ve listened to it over and over again. Interesting work. I believe the encounter has done without victims and everybody went their own way J