Hi everyone,

here’s a new tune in the “Humanity”-cycle.

Building monuments again…

Any comments welcome, enjoy listening!



( I also do have a question: Is it possible, that soundcloud normalizes,

compresses uploaded tracks ?That music sounds quite different

concerning dynamics compared to my local renoise session…

If they do so, can one change that for the own profile ?)

I liked the song. There is a nice 80’s feeling. The solo instrument reminds me some MMORPG games I used to play (like Tales of Pirates, Fiesta, Luna).

About the SoundCloud, I think it process you track like if it was converted to a 128kbps mp3 (only for playing it in the site, the download option keeps the original track). I notice too, when I upload my songs, there is some loss in the highs, but I never dug deep to understand how to prevent it. AFAIK, there is no profile configuration to avoid it. But I never noticed dynamic changes in my tracks.

It is not a badly done song. I have two suggestions:

The first is that it has very little musical tension, which makes it sound like background music for a family breakfast scene in a movie.

The second is that the end is very abrupt - because there’s no tension, there’s no resolution and no denouement.

@Bee Tracks : Thx, I should try to find these soundtracks (from MMORPGs)… didn’t realize it 'til now…

@Jan Koekepan : Our day will come! Some day I’ll know how to catch enough “tension” … :badteeth: - but btw,

what tension exactly do you mean ? (You tell me not the first time… ) :wink:

Thanks to you both & greetings,


It was a pleuasure to listen to this track.

I absolutely like it.

It really does have this 1980s family TV series feeling to it, and I love it for that. :slight_smile:

I think what Jan means is that the song doesn’t tell a story. There is no build-up (in a story-sense), no climax, no rush, and no resolution. It is a peaceful stream, not a white water river with rocks and waterfalls. It is a bunny nibbling on grass, not a wolf ripping a deer apart.

But to me, that’s not a bad thing. It’s just a different kind of song (genre, really), and I liked it.

It’s extremely authentically 80s. Very impressive. I like it, but it really does need a better ending.