Humanize A Full Song

Hi there!

I was thinking it would be nice to have a function called “Humanize song” in order to add minor random variations to several parameter for all tracks of a song.

I’m making orchestral music actually and I want to get a touch of realism, but do not want to add humanized envelopes or LFO for every control on every track. I think Renoise could do this automatically.

This is a suggestion of a control panel. It will basically consist of adding short random values to the current playing note. A parameter called “rate” will indicate the maximum range of variation:

  • Humanize song panel *
    -Enable: [On-Off]
    -Volume: rate [0-100%]
    -Panning: rate [0-100%]
    -Note tuning. rate [0-100%]
    -Note delay: rate [0-100%]

Someone posted time ago the idea of having this kind of control on the top of every track in order to select the tracks to humanize. My idea is similar, but applied to full song and controlling the rate of the variation for basic parameters.


I’m pretty sure you can already humanize a whole song in the advanced pattern edit panel ;)

humanisation its not about note volume randomization
what about quantisation , random delay then playing?

Yes, but this only modifies Vol/Pan and some effects. In fact, “advanced edit panel” does not modify effects like “0D” (Delay note), at least on version 1.9.0.

I was meaning that it would be interesting to have an independent panel for humanization, that will apply tiny random modifications over the selected parameters (vol, pan, note delay or quantization, note tuning, etc.), in addition to those defined on pattern score or automation curves.


Upgrade to 2.0 it “humanizes” the delay column just fine. Or is the problem that you use 1.9.0 the fact, that some bastard has closed backstage access to user by the name YAG. :P

Yeah dude, no offense but everyone here has access to 2.0 because they paid the ridiculously low price for the software they love.

Why are you using 1.9.0? 1.9.1 has been around for a long time, and the list of new features in 2.0 has tons of “humanize” options:

If you haven’t paid for the software, or even worse are using a pirate version when the demo works just fine for most, then we’re not big fans of helping you?

Oh man, I’m a happy registered user from version 1.2 (year 2003).

The fact is that my musical works take very long time to release (some years) and during that time Renoise changes 3 or 4 times of version number. In order to keep the compatibility of all the songs of an album, I do not change from an older version to another newer until I’m sure all features of the new version does not affect negatively to my previous tracks. for example, my last album was done on 1.5 version when the newest version was 1.8. That is why I’m actually using version 1.9.0 instead of 2.0. I prefer to wait the official 2.0 release. I do not have so much time to test 2.0 beta versions because they expire before I could view all features.


Ok, sorry for the witch hunt.

You should check out 2.0 - it’s quite stable at this point, it has a lot of features you probably want.

Thank you. Now downloading the last beta :)


Hey, you all are right!

After testing Renoise 2.0 beta 5, I see now that all this humanization features are working fine, so I’ve found almost everything I was looking for in earlier versions.

Congratulations to Renoise programming team! And thanks for your help to forum members.