Hunger By Wrong


Here’s my newest track. It’s a noisy mess as per usual. I hope you’ll like it.


Someone suggested I change the lead sound, so I changed the lead sound.


Every time I upload a new track to Soundcloud someone downloads it pretty much immediately. So most of my tracks, certainly the new ones, have a minimum of one download. This is very gratifying, sure, but I am wondering why this happens. This one here, for instance, I put up, it got one download, I removed it and put up a new version, it too got one download after less than an hour. It is not me doing it.

Is it some sort of Soundcloud bug or have I got one avid fan or something?

Nice grooves! Sounds a bit quiet though. Maybe you don’t want to take part in the loudness wars? :)

The break at 2.35 - 3.10 is a bit of a misfit. Kinda funny and surprising. But I’m not sure what I think. Now, the break at 3.55 I know I like. :walkman:

Hey! Thanks for commenting. The break you’re talking about was meant to be a contrast to what follows, but I can see why some people would not like it.
None of my tracks are “properly” mastered, but if you look at the wave it’s pretty much maxed out. Still, I have a lot to learn when it comes to making my mixes sound powerful. This track is certainly not meant to be subtle and quiet. Turn up yer stereo next time :)

I had the same issues with my tracks. What I did was, to compare the rendered version with other tracks from other people and look if the volume was about okay. Later I went back into renoise and adjusted the volume on the master track using a bus compressor (which is a quite crude, but I don’t know how others do it) and adjust it’s settings until I get about -3 to -4 dB headroom on the master track. I usually do that by clicking on that small box near the measures where the peak volumes for the left/right channels are displayed. Then I rerender and compare the volume, and usually see that it fits the usual volume of tracks already out there.

I hope someone corrects me if this is a completely wrong approach or if there is a better one.

For making it “more powerful” you probalby just need to run it through a compressor :slight_smile:

I could easily make it louder by compressing the signal on the master track - in fact there is a compressor there already. But I want to retain clarity and dynamism also. I think the key is probably in the mixing stage. Well mixed tracks hardly need mastering at all, or so I’ve heard. I find that time after time my tracks also lack a bit of top end. This is personal preference, I think, because too much treble always makes me wince. There is a way of increasing the high end without it sounding harsh, there must be, but I have not found out how to do it.

SonEQ is quite a nice free EQ for that job, I would personally use it over the renoise EQs for high boosts:…page/downloads/

There’s this thing I’ve read over and over that about 4kHz hurts your brain the most, and a slight cut in that narrow range makes it sound less harsh. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of harsh sounding treble myself, though, so I still haven’t remembered to try it.

EDIT: Hm, just tried it on a distorted-guitar-like sound I’m working on right now… it seems to make it somewhat less harsh without ruining the overall timbre, but it’s not a very dramatic effect.

Ledger and FOXBUNNY: thanks. You make the renoise forum worths.

This is great. A beautiful sounding eq, this. And it’s free!

Yes it`s a pretty generous giveaway from the dev!