Hunz' New Album Is Out Now, And It’s Free!

Umm, simply awesome?

I bow down to this guy rulling…

Very nice. Liking the album a lot, and also the fact you can get it in so many different forms. Going through the xrns-versions at the moment, simply fabulous - and I still don’t understand how the heck the album is squeezed within 25mb xrns wise!

Ok, after glancing the xrns songs a bit closer all I can say is: someone’s got talent. The mix is also nice, so all hail mr Dollin. One minus though, the xrns don’t have any information on patterns. I might actually learn something from these songs. Most definitely the kinda music I could never do.

Aww thanks guys. Mark did an amazing job, I couldn’t have done it with out him. And Renoise for that matter :D

“Information on the patterns?” I’d love to help in any way I can, what does that mean so I can set it up right in future releases.

Thanks again,

Whoa!! :blink:

This was extremely good! Almost like I want to give in and delete Renoise 'cause I’ll never get remotely close to this good. No, don’t think I will go that far…

Especially like “You Said Hello” and “Enough To Make You Smile”. Love it when fellow musicians share their inner secrets like this.

Marvelous release.
Totally admire the fact that everything is also available as xrns.
Thanks for this effort and your great music, Hunz!

With this I mean the bracket next to pattern numbers, where you can type whatever, e.g. Chorus, C Part, Bridge etc. I’m way used to using them myself, so things felt very empty without those.

Still learning from these songs and spread the word.

Ahh, awesome. I thought that’s what you ment and wanted to make sure it wasn’t something I missed. Renoise is so deep and I keep discovering little short cuts everyday. I’ll make sure to go through and add these in for future reference.

Thanks again,

Yeah it’s whoaw. And finally some more xrns to dig through… I’m back later to say exactly where the mageek happens ;)

Amazing album, Hunz! Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Compliments for your songwriting and vocal talents!

I’m so hooked on “The Messenger” right now, I even caught myself humming the chorus while I was walking down the street half an hour ago. :)

I’ll definitely be buying “When Victims Fight” in a couple of days as well.


congrats with this beautiful release and many thanks for the inspiration…

i’m kinda… speechless!

dead good.
thanks loads for sharing the xrns.

Love it love it love it!

Thank you everyone, I am really taken back by everyone’s response. Thank you!!



What a sunday treat. Excelent, i like it.

syncin to ipod touch

I’ll add my congratz to Hunz for releasing such a fantastic pop album and putting the XRNS files out there, old-school tracker style. Beginner Renoise users should take great joy in opening up these little pearls and know that great music is possible in Renoise, and that it can sound wonderful with just the native renoise FX. May I suggest that at least one of these songs goes into the next demo-pack of the core Renoise download, so that every new user gets a taste of what’s on offer here.

As I’ve already stated elsewhere, I had a lot of fun doing the mix on this album. Not only did I get the chance to work on the music of one of my teen-years idols of tracking, but the music was actually really captivating and refreshingly soulful in an age where a lot of music is short on substance. When I first saw that Hunz was attempting the RPM Challenge I though “oh no, the poor guy - he’s not going to sleep for a month!” and offered him some mix help if he needed it. Thankfully he accepted and we quickly got a system going where I got the XRNS files via FTP and wrote notes on what I was doing to the song (you can see all of those notes over at Hunz’s website). I usually spent a day or two on each song, and by the end I had my own system going to make the work going really quick - it was needed because he started sending me songs as quick as I was finishing them with a looming deadline before he had to take the whole thing to mastering. High pressure, but exciting! I think that rushed intensity on his part and on mine meant that the whole thing isn’t 100% super perfected or over-polished - it retains a human urgency of clearly expressed passions and the ‘performance of work’.

A few highlights of the album will remain memorable: Car In The Meadow struck me instantly as having rich visual intensity of emotion, along with a distortion that just rips your head off in a nice way. You Said Hello catches me every time with it’s razor edged lofi texture and mechanized oblivion. Enough To Make You Smile was just magical with its breezy reflection capturing that’s paradoxically distinct yet intangible. But my all time favorite still remains as Switch Off - this one’s an absolute tearjerker with the sweetest strings, resolute and to the point percussion with abstractly touching vocals. I can’t wait to see these songs live!

I’m taking this as inspirational, and I’m hoping you do too.

been listening to this @work all day… really fantastic album!! this just came shooting out of the blue, what a great surprise. congratz hunz, and cool that you release as xrns - when i have time i surely need to take a look at how you do stuff and learn some new techniques from it.


So much for the “Demo music is dead” idea…
But that was always one of the things that could have polished up a jack-load of songs in the past as well:some decent vocals instead of a lead instrument.

I’ve congratulated on your site but I will make it again here.

thanks Hunz, my girlfriend is in awe for your album, as she thinks your music is a good mix of lots of artists she likes a lot.

and thanks for the XRNS files. And I should also thank you for your XM and IT files in the past, from which I have learnt a lot :)

Congratulations Hunz :)

Its cool and refreshing to see a transparent exchange between you two. Its always interesting to see how people work together.