Hydra Output Value Function - Fixed To Input Slider

Even if Hydra’s output values are automatable right now, it would be awesome to decide a fixed function for each output

So if i go with the input slider from 0 to 100

output1 could be set to behave 0 to 50 to 20 to 80 to 0

so every output could have his own fixed behaviour in relation to 0 - 100 input value

i imagine something like a little automation rectangle that pops up and you can draw points and create the specific function (one for each output)

the default would be a line that goes straight up, straight down if you want inverted function and from there you customize the function

This is a little improvement but could be huge for sound design

Your thoughts!

  • Add an LFO with a custom envelope shape that describes your desired function.
  • Set the LFO’s frequency to the lowest possible value so that it is essentially frozen.
  • Connect the Hydra’s output to the LFO’s Reset parameter.
  • Connect the LFO’s output to the parameter you wish to control.
  • Profit.

2891 hydra-custom-output-function-demo.xrns


thank you so much Dblue

you should post your paypal account now :-))

It’s incredible how versatile is Renoise i mean… what you need is already there!