Hypeartist - Taking East

Holla, Renoisers!!!

Let me present to you my new track: “Taking East”.
I’m not sure about its style belonging - something “clubby”. It’s my first go at this kind of music, so I’d be very much obliged to anyone (of club posse) who can judge it looking at it…, say, the right way. Is it enuff “dancefull”? …aaah!!! And what about the overall sound quality, btw?

So, here it is:

>> link <<

Tempo: 137
Dur: 8:52

Thanks in advance.



try to mix the drums a bit softer… or the synths louder…

other then that it sounded fine to me, though perhaps it could be shorter and use more variation in the drums.

liked the overall mood


you just keep throwing really nice tracks.
i really enjoyed this one, like i enjoyed the previous one called buddha goes clubbing.
whole summer when i was travelling and feeling sad/lonely i played that track and it helped me…
definetly this one is going to land also into ma mp3-player.
i really love this one, its more ruff but still gentle. mixture of old goa, mono-tekno, something, ambient…i really love you style. keep on rollin’!!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

thanks, cAMEL

Can’t comment on sound quality, it seems my monitors are currently very badly placed and thus generate horrible low end mud sometimes. But otherwise it’s just goodness. I thinks what pilot7 said is pretty much personal taste thing.

But DUDE! The track is sweet! Reminds me remotely some of Violet Vision stuff. Not a bit too long, this was a time compressor.