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That’s my first post on this forum.
I have a problem with hypercyclic (hypercyclic is an LFO-driven MIDI arpeggiator).

I’ve got read the manual from page, but it isn’t work in renoise. I set midi from external controler (axiom) on ch1 and “midi to” -> “host VST” on ch2, where on midi ch2 i’ve got vst… and if i play on keyboard it doesn’t work (also if is "midi from"set to vst host) … Somebody use this stuff in renoise?

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Renoise doesn’t support midi-out from a plugin natively.
So, as mentioned at Hypercyclic site (“How do I use the MIDI output?” topic), you cannot use hypercyclic in Renoise without help of another midi routing plugins or devices.

Please read this thread for explaining midi-VSTi(MicroTuner) routing.
But when I tested these methods, I cannot get good results with hypercyclic. :(

So, I recommend you to use standalone version of hypercyclic and MIDI Yoke for your purpose.
You can rout: midi contoroller --[usb midi device]–> hyperciclic --[MIDI Yoke]–> Renoise.
This method will work fine, maybe.

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I have forgotten that Energy can be also an VSTi instrument.
Thanks for this tutorial :) And of course NOW it works!

It’s really sad, that RENOISE hasn’t midi routing feature…

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yep , once internal midi routing is implemented renoise is up there …way up there