Hypersonic2, one instance, 2% CPU

I originally made this in Buzz, and just copied it over to Renoise by hand, thankfully it sounded exactly the same as the original, without any tweaking.


Awesome, but somewhat very short =)

Very nice choir sound!! Where from?

Hi Delt, thanks for your nice comments, it’s still a work in progress, I will try to finish it off soon. The choir sound is a Hypersonic2 combi:

These are the sounds for the other five tracks (everything apart from the Digital Choir sound above, the choir below comes in before the combi choir above) (and I originally used the Fat Snap Kit, but then went to Drums Overkill):

The drums are Drums Overkill, awesome set of drum sounds, I don’t know why it isn’t talked about more.

I think the upper registers of the choir sound too artificial, I may insert an Omnisphere choir instead.

An updated version, with Omnisphere choirs (still short though, I’ll work more on it later):