I am getting a spectralis 2

So i Am bringing back my op-1 to the shop
Got an amazing deal on a spectralis 2
Any speckie users here ?

How much are you paying for it? I just read up a bit on it and it sounds awesome! (And the gear lust flares up … good thing it costs enough to not make it suitable for an impulse buy! ;))

I want to buy first spektralis and use with elektron analog four

I don’t think the speckie 2 can be had new anymore ( damn grammatics )
Since spec1 came out (2005) I was drooling all over the place , then 2009 ,speckie 2 came out …new design…more drooling

Well okay it’s not a super super deal I’ll pay.around 1200 euro’s ,.but it’s hard to find a speckie 2 for that price. and I’ve got money to burn
Bought me an op-1 a month ago , will return the lil shitter this saturday and then probably get the speckie …still want a monomachine …;
Someone stop me …

I own one … What do you want to know ?

I haven’t got it …and Now i am seriously doubting ( I still want a monomachine …I could buy both n but I rather focus on one piece of gear at tjhe time )…still have a few days to decide …
What do I want to know …
Is the the operating system really that arcane/fucked up?
I don’t mind a steep learning curve …how steep …?
Do you love it?
Is joerg schaaf still actively developing the speckie .or is it dead …?
I’ ve been reading trough the manual …and these trigger groups ( to trigger the analogue mono , each having its own adsr amp. ) really sounds like a cumbersome method …which brings me back to question 1

if I would be you…

-skip monomachine and go straight to octatrack.
-forget spectralis 2 and jump to access virus c.


peace, cAMEL

Skip monomachine ?
No I won’t
The fact that you compare the virus with the spectralis …proves that you either don’t know the difference between analog and digital or that you are deaf …or that the virus is the only synth in your possesion and you feel like defending it …Good luck
…played all the virusses from a to b toc to ti …they all suck …nice for pads …mediocre filters …My nord modular is still the centerpiece here .
Octatrack …yes …would like one sooner or later .