i am robot and proud - "touch/tone"

hey guys,

i made a new record that came out last week, made almost completely in renoise.

it’s called “touch/tone” and you can listen here:

i got a lot of help from users of this forum so i’d like to leave some download codes here. first come first serve:


thank you!


Very nice album man! congrats!
i’ve started using renoise because of your tunes man, so im kind of a fan ;)

Congrats! Great album.

Wow…great album…great production
really enjoy your music

I used p76p-6d3v

Thanks man! Really creative stuff! I used l9hu-udnn

Wow, having heard it once, I can already imagine listening to this quite a few times.
Sampled instrumentation makes the album very lush and organic sounding, but this would be nothing without the songs themselves… they are beautiful.

PS: didn’t know that bandcamp supported physical (vinyl) releases too. A damn shame that it’s an extra 10$ in shipping for us EU customers…

thanks for listening guys.

the vinyl is all shipped from my apartment, and unfortunately that is the cost from canada!

my favourite new thing i learned about renoise this time around was improvising live notes/chords/noodling into the sample window and then using the slice tool to quickly make a sample instrument from it. i think i could make a whole record just by using this procedure!


First track is really good. Will have to check out the rest later, I’m off to work. Nice job.

First: i used asv5-bvst. thx for sharing. i start listening right now />

so. runs the second time. i like the mood. makes me feel like dancing and jumpin around for the first time, today. like it very much. reminds me a little bit of mr. scruff but just funkier. its really very organic. melancholical happiness, playfull, as we say in german i like the verspult, verleiert mixed soundloops.

thx for sharing again

Thanks very much, I used upck-eryp. I can’t say I contributed anything, but I am enjoying this a lot :)