I Am So Happy ...

I bought me one of these :

and I am so freaking happy :D

just wanted to let you all know B)

Nice looking one! :)

Where did you buy it?

at some german mailorder, where it was 10€ cheaper than everywhere else. hehe :)

i’ve been wanting to buy one of those for a while now. it’s going to happen soon. i hope.

At Thomann(.de) by any chance? I get most of my equipment from them. They’re cheaper than most local stores and ship stuff fast en excellently packaged.

I’ve got my eye on this thingy.

HOLY SHIT! nice rip off…for that price i really recom to you build your own knobbox


Bear in mind that it’s a “spezial Editon in silver withblue LED´s” though… :rolleyes:

AND, you can ask their experts for a quote… That’s customer service!

LOL, yeah, its from thomann.
the funny thing is that really anyone who I told about this keyboard and that it was so cheap is replying “from thomann, right ?” (happened with four people so far) … I dunno why I never heard from them before. <_<

i have this little brother oxygen8 nice too

i order a virus c at thoman, nice store

oooohhh yeeeaaaaahh! :yeah:

I thought about the oxygen 8 first too, but 2 octaves is really not enough for me. my drumsets alone (or better say chopped beats) sometimes spawn over more than 2 octaves, and if (if) I try to play something myself I usually hop around the keys and also find myself switching the octaves all the time.