I Am Unable To Route More Then 1set Of Channels

i am using renoise with kontakt as my vst with 2 aliases

i want my sample track routed 2 channel 1-2
i want my bass track routed 2 channel 3-4
and my drums routed to channel 5-6
and my other stuff liek vocals…routed 2 channel 6-7

im using a audiophile 24/96 and in kontakt i am able to go through the process of routing my channels fine…but when i try 2 initialize my sounds in renoise i get absolute silence.

whats odd is that the kontakt shows that the sample is working in kontakts volumn task bar but not in renoise’s.

i came to the conclusion it was a problem with renoise because it does the same thing with battery.

also i forgot to mention that renoise will not let my choice more than stereo tracks 1-2 and 3-4(which dont work)

any help would be appreciated

Is this a problem with aliases only or do you get the same result with 2 instances?

its like that for more than one instance also, or several instances of other vst’s like battery 2.

if i can get this working than i will be able to master songs in renoise, but with only 2 channels which i can route 2 makes this impossible

I tried this now, without aliases, and it worked almost perfect. Renoise finds all the output pairs. In 1.281 I could use all of them, but it 1.5 it seemed I could not use the last outputs (7+8) for some reason (?).

Another smaller known bug (or missing feature) is that the master scopes will only show the first stereo output.