I cant press play (space) and midi keyboard key at the same time


It constantly bothers me. When i want to record or play midi live i usually press play and some key on my midi keyboard. But nothing happens. Workaround is to use metronome precount, but its not always suitable.Is it bug?

Same problems when I use right ctrl or right shift button for play/record

I just did a quick test with my AKAI MPD218 and using a tool of mine. I have mapped the trigger of a chord (several notes) on the pad 1, and the play button of Renoise on the pad 2. Afterwards, I pulse those two buttons “at the same time” and all the notes are recorded correctly on the first line of the pattern . But I am aware that one thing is after the other.

In the MIDI Monitor tab, the shooting time of each pad is recorded. You will see that one takes a little longer than the other.I must say that I have a very powerful PC. Maybe this is a problem in more modest PCs.

I use Windows 10 x64 with Renoise 3.1.1 x64.For me this is not a problem…

I have also used the pad 1 of the midi driver and the space key of the usb keyboard for the play. Everything works correctly.

When I use mapped button on midi controller for play everything works fine. The problem only with computer keyboard. Sometimes midi recorded and playing started but note actually not played (only recorded). Sometimes note recorded but playing not started.

I have this problem too. It happens when you play the midi note slightly before pressing space which makes renoise think you’re trying to stop playback instead of start. As long as you’re careful to hit space before playing the first note it should work. Definitely annoying, but I don’t know if it is a bug.

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Thanks, good to keep in mind when doing live performance recording. Also, random note, sick sound fonts you made Skolskoly! I used them for my game music that I’ll be posting on the forums!