I Cant Record On My Audiophile 192

well i got as far as doing it a hardware way, using 2 patch leads, from mono out to input but i had feedback, im using soundforge6

AHA! who needs you lot! figured it out myself, you do do it hardware, using 2 patch leads but you ‘SOLO’ the WavOut1/2 on the soundcards mixer

Haha. Sorry, I would have tried to help but I last had an M-Audio product in 2002…

It working alright with you now?

By ‘record’ what do you mean? (are you recording in from external hardware, or are you recording from Soft - Soft?)

i haven’t even tried recording yet.
it’s strange i have an audiophile2496 also, but in the Prefs it is not listed using asio.
i don’t really need to record anything anyway so i’m not worried. tho it might be interesting in finding out what is going on there.

is that what you were referring to Happy?