I Don´t Remember The Name Of This Song...

Hi renoisers

I´m looking for a song that i don´t remember it´s name… I remember it had this melody I composed ‘quick&Dirty’ right now in renoise. That´s all i can remember. Well yes, another hint, it began with a Prison´s siren sample.

I had that song in an old tape, wich also had Commander Tom - “Are am eye?”
(so i hope knowing that helps with the song´s year of production)

It was some kind of psycho-trance song, with very electronic sounds

Listen to this loop: (290 kb OGG vorbis)

Thanks for help

It sounds familiar, but I can’t really place it… Could you add more elements, perhaps? Are’em Eye (or however it’s spelled) rocks btw!!

the tune is by “Roughage” and is called “Scanned State”, track 15 on the Trancemaster Goahead XL-Mix 2 from 1995. ;)

here is the full playlist of that truely classic sampler cd.
especially the Mark N-R-G tracks ruled my world (and the clubs i used to go) back then.

aaaaaaaaat laaaaaaaaaaaast!!!
:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Thx Keith, you rock!