I Don't Get That Cpu Thingy

how come a VSTi can use more CPU power than total CPU usage? It would make sense if the VSTi usage were instantly added to the total CPU count.

It feels weird the sound begins to crackle before it (seems to) hit the roof, which in a recent module was at 85%. So you can’t precisely figure out how much more you can squezze into the module.

I’ve not posted this in the bugs forum, because i vaguely remember some obscure reason behind this :)

Note to myself: get a new CPU…

VSTi cpu-usage depends on different things (e.g. number of possible voices)… some VSTi are more hungry some less …in general VSTi’s need really much resources and not every CPU is enough for this… (but i think you know this)

the cpu-display of Renoise is a little bit strange coz 70-90% is to much to play a song without stuttering (on my side) or it brings my whole system to a standstill … but not only VSTi’s are the reason for this i think.

or what?!

yeah i know that, maybe i did’nt make myself clear… ;)

if you take a CPU intensive VSTi and see the amount of CPU usage it uses in Instr. Settings, it will likely use more than what’s shown in total CPU usage in the upper right corner, that’s mainly what puzzles me. I realize this only happens when you have several VSTi’s playing… hmm

Here’s an example.

I’m currently having this pattern that is looping, the total CPU shows as a relatively stable 31% usage (almost rock stable, which is curious in itself when a VSTi is likely to be volatile). But if i look at each VSTi being played and add the average of that up it ends up at 47%, which almost matches the number shown in task manager.

now I understood … i never noticed this but i think the instrument CPU usage is correct … but maybe the total CPU isn’t incorrect … that’s why i can’t reach a total cpu usage of 90% ;)

only the devs can give an answer!

How about measurements of VSTi’s probably doesn’t match truely, since it’s harder to measure CPU usage of a third party application you host than your own processes.
Or that VSTI’s claim cpu resources it doesn’t actually use, but claim reserves for usage. In that case the actual CPU resources are lower than the claimed resources.

Whichever makes more sense.

Isnt’t it so that total CPU usage in renoise corresponds to the total CPU usage of the sound processing. So everything else is left out, like all the graphics and all the other stuff CPU has to calculate to keep programs running?

The CPU usage shown in Instr. Settings seems to be true according to my example. So i bet they can measure it.

It’s definately not lower, since sound already crackle at around 85% on my CPU. Where it’s infact at 98-100% in windows task manager.

If that’s the case, then what’s the usefullness of the CPU counter? Would’nt it make more sense to actually know how much CPU power you have left to use?


I never trust cpu meters so I run the taskmanager minimized.
also useful if renoise stucks, can´t get taskman running then.

Beats me. But I hardly use it anyway.

I never trust the taskmanager :ph34r:

hrhr ;)