I Don't Hear The Music (QuadraSid)

Ok dblue was so kind to give me the sheleftmeatthebeach.xrns file from his mars wind project so I can study that.

But, I do hear his ocean sample (it’s included in the file), but I don’t hear the instruments, I have the QuadraSID and Stardust installed, but I don’t hear them play.

But when I open the QuadraSID window and press play, I see the pianonotes playing, so that is working. I just don’t hear any sound.

How? Why?

can be deleted

Did you got it sorted out?

yes, I had an older version of QuadraSID, now I have the new one it works

Which version?
I’ll then just lock the topic just in case someone else who has the same problem seeks for an answer.

I used version 1.6 to make it all work.

But now I have an other problem =/
Dblue’s glitch doesnt work in my cubase SX :(

Bwuh yeah well, that’s something i can’t solve for you, but you can PM dblue on this board yourself to ask him.