America is getting dumber by the minute. Somebody, please help us.

I’ve known of the effects of bw syncs and binaural beats and gotta fault i-doser on this, if they wouldn’t have named the listenings after illicit drugs, they would have never created the stir of popularity, that will ultimately bring legislation into where it doesn’t need to be.

If they attempt to ban brainwave entrainments, that would be as absurd as UK’s criminal justice bill trying to make a particular music genre (Rave/Acid) illegal.
Personally, I tried it years ago with CoolEdit. And I learned that I would always prefer human-made noises to binaural beats

Sometimes you can get intricate details, and sometimes it’s very subtle.
I use a guided meditation that I’m pretty sure uses binaural beats in it. The effects are/were very noticeable, the next day. :)

using something like bwgen is good if you focus on something.

Oh no, people want to experience different states of mind, this will surely cause the world to end!

well that’s fine as long as it’s voluntary…

I think you have to have an ear for mastering before it works :lol:

This is such a hoax - unless you use it 24/7 in a locked up room with water dripping on your face.

That’s what she said :(

Well then it has to be the most inefficient drug ever :D

This iDose thing is actually very old now and is definitely not “the latest craze”, that news station must be located in farmland.

Sorry, there is no hope for americans. You are a lost cause.

You have no idea…


Hmm, you guys do have a sense of humor right?

you have no idea! :lol:

I was just trying to sympathize actually… (although I don’t quite believe in the whole “oohh America is so stupid” thing… America is extreme in many ways, and also in the good. says the guy who never was there, but still ^^)

:) hah ok we’re on the same page then.

Seriously tho, I am so pissed off at shit right now. I can’t take the madness anymore. I’ve decided to avoid all news sites and I’m trying to weed out as much extremist shit as possible. It’s harder than you might think, being centered in America. I have some old friends who literally think the world is gonna end in 2012. They know the date and everything! (dec 21) They’re trying hard to “get off the grid” so that… I don’t even know??? It’s ridiculous. And then there’s my girl-friends family who unfortunately are extreme right-wing conservatives, but actually they’re just big fat idiots.
I take meds.
It’s so hard to not go crazy in this country.
Luckily, every night I get to retreat into renoise and my synths…

Stock market 2013 FTW :D

21st december 2012 will be my 33rd birthday. that scares me much more than a cyclical calender which is basically based on earth passing galactic center, which actually occured already, in the 90s. I don’t even know where I read that or if it’s true, but it makes, uhm, slightly more sense…

at any rate, the calendar doesn’t end, it repeats, plus, what did the mayas know anyway, with their human sacrifices, their fascist dresscode and their butt fucking ugly “temples”? if anything they believed was true we’d be fucked already, by the mere fact that they, by their beliefs bringer and upholders of light in this world, have long gone the way of the dodo.

I wouldn’t be totally surprised if the illuminati stage world takeover / ufo landing / jesus return by then, and naturally a lot of whacky shit might occur in a self-fulfilling prophecy style, but otherwise I’m just worried I’ll be 33 and single and the world will NOT have ended. THAT would depress me. :lol:

Ryoji Ikeda is the new drug kingpin !

that is fucking sick. thank you.